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Students at Chapmanville Middle School will receive a hands-on financial learning experience thanks to a program by West Virginia State Treasurer John Perdue.

Approximately 140 students will participate Thursday, Oct. 10 in Treasurer Perdue’s award-winning financial education activity Get a Life.

Get a Life is an interactive simulation designed for the State Treasurer’s Office to promote economic literacy. Students are given a realistic family budget and must visit various business stations and manage an expense ledger. The program teaches both basic math skills and problem-solving techniques.

“With programs like the Get a Life activity, I believe students in West Virginia will be better prepared to live and succeed in the real world,” said Treasurer Perdue. “As the State Treasurer of West Virginia, I believe it is my duty to help schools provide meaningful financial education.”

Local businessmen and businesswomen help complete the learning experience by serving as sales people, insurance agents and doctors in the simulated world.

The activity is part of Treasurer Perdue’s NetWorth program, a comprehensive financial education initiative designed to teach personal financial management skills at all grade levels in West Virginia. The program is nationally recognized and has received an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award (EIFLE) from the Institute for Financial Literacy.

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