Start your SMART529 plan today!

What is SMART529?

SMART529 is West Virginia’s official tax-advantaged education savings plan. The program is designed to encourage families to save for education beyond high school. Earnings on SMART529 investments accumulate tax-free, and distributions are tax-exempt, as long as they are used for eligible education expenses.

What does a SMART529 plan cover?

Your SMART529 savings can be used for traditional four and two year college expenses, accredited vocational and trade schools, as well as graduate and doctoral programs. 529 funds aren’t just for tuition either. You can use your investments to pay for other qualified education expenses such as room and board, books, equipment and supplies. You can also use up to $10,000 per student per year to pay for private K-12 tuition. Requesting a SMART529 K – 12 disbursement is easy – CLICK HERE for a distribution form.

Want to boost your SMART529 savings?

If you have a newborn child or have recently adopted a child, take advantage of the Bright Babies program. Simply open a new SMART529 account before their first birthday or the first anniversary of their adoption and you will receive an additional $100 in your account. Friends and family can also contribute to a child’s SMART529 account with convenient gift cards, from The Gift of College. It makes the perfect gift for all ages and occasions!

Start your SMART529 plan today!
Board Meetings

The scheduled meetings for 2022 are March 9, June 8, September 7 and December 7. Meeting dates are determined, set and subject to change by the Board. For more information, click here to visit the Secretary of State Administrative Law Meeting Notices. For agendas, please contact the SMART529 group.

Meeting Agendas

Members of the Board

Ex Officio Members:
Chairman - WV State Treasurer, Riley Moore
Department of Education, W. Clayton Burch
WV Higher Education Policy Commission Colleges & Universities, Brian Weingart
New River Community and Technical College, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President
Appointed Members:
Private institutions of higher education (2) - Terri Rader and Dr. Daniel Anderson
Private Citizen (3) - Phyllis Arnold, Patrick Smith, and Chris Heller
Labor organization (tradespersons) - Justin Williams
Business (trade/skilled labor apprenticeships) - Marguerite Horvath


Contact Information

You may contact the Board of Trustees by writing to:

Riley Moore, Chairman
West Virginia College and Jumpstart Savings Programs Board of Trustees
State Treasurer's Office
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25305

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office
1900 Kanawha Boulevard
Capitol Complex Building #1, Room E-145
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
304-558-5000 Toll Free: 800-422-7498
Hours: 8am-5pm (ET)

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